Chris drawing 2


I love that astronaughts now are so tied into the whole internet-video thing. Here's a pretty cool video of them doing some work inside and out. Cool shots of earth from space too!
A lot of it doesn't have sound for some reason though.

Chris drawing 2

Pretty simple akshully

Okay, so I threw together a mock-up design in 3ds Max, and it's very simple. But I'd like to get a few opinions on it, so I'll try to explain it here.

My idea is for a much easier to maintain kitty litter box.

Think of those hard plastic grocery baskets they have at supermarkets and what not (the handheld one). They stack into each other very nicely. This uses that same basic principal, but with a bit of tweaking.
You have 4 baskets (very lightweight, not bulky) that stack inside of each other. The grating on the bottom is designed so that 2 baskets stacked inside of each other create a solid bottom. The grates would need 2 different designs. Stacked A^B^A^B.

Then all you have to do is lift up one of the baskets and sift it about a lil, all of the loose litter will fall into the other 3 baskets. You dump the collected waste, and then place the other 3 inside of the 1st one. Repeat as necessary! Keep the whole set-up on a nice little rubber/plastic/whatever mat that can be easily cleaned from time to time.

Good idea? Bad idea?
Gimme yer thoughts.